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Can you believe this man is making your laws?

Radical gay activist who disrupted Catholic Mass won House seat in Massachusetts Legislature after homosexual movement poured enormous money and manpower into race!

What he did and how he got elected

November 15, 2004

On June 1, 2003, Carl Sciortino (at left in photo) defiled the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston by disrupting Mass to protest the Church's stance against homosexual "marriage".

According to newspaper reports, Sciortino and his homosexual lover turned their backs to the altar during Mass, kissed, and held hands as they marched out. They then held a press conference on the steps outside, further denouncing the Church.

At their press conference , Sciortino's organization, "Queer Today", made the following statement:

"The protest was sparked because of a hateful and anti-gay marriage statement issued by the four bishops of MA . . . The groundbreaking protest received nationwide attention . . . For the first time ever the word queer was seen and heard as a term of empowerment on countless media outlets, and boy are we proud of that!"

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Sciortino has a long record as a militant homosexual activist.

At his press conference, Sciortino also told the press that his political experience at Tufts University (class of 2000) taught him to "challenge the status quo". No kidding! His radicalism there was legendary.

While at Tufts, Sciortino was co-chairman of the radical Tufts Transgender, Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Collective (TTLGBC). Among their activities during that period:

  • Demanded that the "culture" requirement at Tufts be satisfiable by Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgendered (LGBT)-related classes.

  • Plastered the campus with flyers advertising a how-to seminar on anal sex, which also described proper lubrication and use of sex toys.

  • Founded Rainbow House as official University residence for transgender, gay, lesbian and bisexual students.

  • Promoted "Queer Pride Month" on the Tufts campus, turning April into "Gaypril".

  • Put on a drag ball with a homecoming "king".

  • Sponsored campus-wide homosexual coming-out days and queer history workshops.

  • Held monthly meetings that included discussions of "Pornography and the Queer Community", "Monogamy, Polyamory, and You", and "Transgender: What we have to offer and learn".

In addition, Sciortino led the charge to demand co-ed dorm rooms at Tufts, arguing that single-sex rooms prove "institutionalized heterosexism and homophobia", putting gay students in awkward situations where they might have crushes on their straight roommates.

In a nationally publicized incident, he acted as advisor to a lesbian activist as she used the college judicial system to attempt to keep the Tufts Christian Fellowship banned from campus, after they would not allow her to serve as officer.

After leaving Tufts, Sciortino's militant gay activism continued, as co-chair of OutSomerville (a local homosexual political organization), and manager of research operations at Fenway Community Health (which distributes graphic flyers on gay sexual issues). He was a speaker at the Safe Colleges Conferences ("Queers Living in Campus Dormitories"). And he perpetrated the anti-Catholic hate crime described above--disrupting Mass with protesters from QueerToday (a radical activist group).

How Sciortino became a state rep: A surprise primary campaign financed by the homosexual movement

During the summer of 2004, Sciortino began an unusually relentless (and well-funded) campaign for State Representative in the Massachusetts 34th Middlesex District (Somerville, Medford) against long-time incumbent Rep. Vincent Ciampa.

But it soon became evident to us that Sciortino was being given enormous financial and organizational support from state and national homosexual political action committees. Money flowed in from across the country. By some estimates, over $200,000 was spent (ten times the normal amount for a state rep race). Out-of-state "volunteers" flooded into the district. Slick mailings went to every home each week.

It was clearly a professional, well-organized effort.  Hundreds of Sciortino "volunteers" came into the district for the campaign, many from out of state. It was run, in many ways, like a presidential primary, complete with sophisticated polling and phone banks in downtown Boston.

Some of the groups involved were: Freedom to Marry, the Mass. Gay & Lesbian Political Caucus, SupportEquality, Mass-Equality, OutSomerville, and Human Rights Campaign. In addition, the Gay & Lesbian Victory fund had a separate fundraising effort for Sciortino in Washington D.C.

During the campaign, they were very careful not to mention Sciortino's homosexual extremist history, or his radical plans. And the Boston media (newspapers, TV, even the talk radio shows) refused to bring it up or even discuss it, despite repeated communications from MassResistance (then known as Article 8 Alliance).

Early on, we advised Rep. Ciampa that he must expose Sciortino to the voters.  Unfortunately, he did not believe our descriptions of the full extent of what was happening until it was too late, and he did not take our advice. (He later acknowledged that he hadn't taken it seriously, and he should have listened to us.)

So in the Sept. 14, 2004 Democratic primary, Sciortino defeated Rep. Ciampa by a sliver of 93 votes! Since there was no Republican challenger in the general election, Sciortino was all set to enter the Massachusetts Legislature!  Thus, the gay movement's mission was to punish pro-marriage legislators like Rep. Ciampa. And put fear into the others.

Write-in campaign by Rep. Ciampa in general election

After the primary, as news of Sciortino's true agenda came to light, a wave of outrage began to sweep through the district. On October 10, Rep. Ciampa announced he would run on Nov. 2 as a write-in candidate. He believed when people found out about Sciortino, they would support him.  After all, several years earlier a similar write-in campaign had been successful in Somerville. 

Unfortunately, it was too little too late, as Sciortino's vicious tactics and huge financial backing confused the voters, and the write-in campaign came up short.

Sciortino was helped by numerous expensive district-wide mailings, funded by homosexual "front" groups such as MassEquality, Commonwealth Coalition, Neighbor to Neighbor Action Fund, National Organization of Women, and Human Rights Campaign.  It seemed that every other day a slick, professionally-designed mailing was coming from somewhere.

But also, MassResistance (then known as Article 8 Alliance) was there to help.  We mailed two massive mailings into the district, exposing Sciortino.  We talked to the press.  We gave a presentation at Tufts University, located in the district.  And the issue came right to the forefront, no question about it.  People saw him for what he was.  The homosexual movement was furious!  Although a sticker campaign is always a long shot, it was clear their candidate was in big trouble.

Plus, this time, Rep. Ciampa's people organized an excellent campaign.  A lot of people who had never gotten involved in politics before came forward to help, having seen just how odious his opponent was.

On election day, people came to the polls in droves. . . 

Vicious tactics by homosexual movement on election day

Although many of Vinnie's people had worked on political campaigns for decades, none of them had ever seen anything like this. 

Outside of each polling place, Sciortino's campaign had groups of angry, enraged thugs.  As Vinnie's poll-workers stood outside the polls handing out stickers to voters, Sciortino's people would come and stand in the way, scream at them, block them, do anything to keep voters from getting Ciampa's stickers.  They picked fights.  They started arguments.  They would unleash torrents of profanity and vulgarity.

It appears that they particularly went after members of Vinnie's family, when they recognized them.  Vinnie's elderly uncle was assaulted and screamed at with such intensity that he collapsed and had to be rushed to the hospital.

Vinnie's wife was surrounded by Sciortino's thugs and called the most vulgar, disgusting names, laced with horrible sexual overtones. 

The police?  They just stood around.  In fact, at some polling places they extended the legal 150-foot boundary just to make it harder for Vinnie's people to give people stickers.  We saw one polling place where they the cops prohibited Vinnie's workers from approaching people at all.  It was pretty clear that someone had gotten to them, as they say.

Sciortino's thugs also had tactics for confusing the voters.  They would scream out that "Vinnie Ciampa is not a Democrat!"  (Actually, Ciampa is a lifelong Democrat.) 

They handed out a slick leaflet with Sciortino's picture alongside that of other Democrats running for office that day: John Kerry, Sen. Charles Shannon, and Congressman Edward Markey – as if they all endorsed Sciortino.  In small letters on the back, was the disclaimer:  "Paid for by Neighbor to Neighbor Massachusetts PAC.  Not authorized by any candidate or campaign committee." 

Just who were these people who showed up to terrorize the voters?  Almost none of them were recognized by anyone.  Some admitted to being from Florida and Santa Barbara, CA.  Many of them came out of cars with Pennsylvania and Connecticut license plates.  Some were middle-aged; others were in their 20s.  But very few of them seemed to be from Somerville or Medford.

Confusion with stickers and rigid rules

Not only were voters intimidated, and kept from Vinnie's workers, but the most of them were not sure how to properly vote in a "sticker" race.  Where do you put the sticker?  Should you also make a mark near Sciortino's name to indicate "state rep" or not? 

As a result of this confusion, most of Vinnie's ballots were stuck on the ballot in a "non-standard" way.  All of the voting officials had been prepared for this unusual race, so they examined the ballots with particular care.

But in counting the votes, the city of Somerville (where 40% of the district lies) used a more liberal approach: if Vinnie's sticker was anywhere on the ballot, they counted it.  However, Medford (60% of the district) was more strict: it had to be in the general "state rep" area of the ballot to be counted.  And in both towns, if the person accidentally marked the "state rep" box on the ballot, it counted as either a vote for Sciortino or a non-vote, even if a Ciampa sticker was on the ballot.

It was just too much.

When the totals were announced: 

   Sciortino – 8800 votes – 66%

   Ciampa   – 4400 votes – 33%

Vinnie's people were incredulous, given the outpouring of people in Vinnie's favor.  There is shock across the district.  But a recount does not seem feasible at this point.

The gays, on the other hand, are gleeful.  Since the election, we've been told, Vinnie's house has been the target of several obscene phone calls, rubbing it in that they beat him.

And the other Somerville public officials?  Complete cave-in.  They welcomed Sciortino with open arms.  And politicians who had been old friends of Vinnie's wouldn't even return his phone.

They saw what had happened, and they were afraid.  But for no good reason. As Rep. Ciampa himself acknowledged (and as just about all political observers agreed) if he had campaigned hard in the primary he would have beaten Sciortino hands down.