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NH set to repeal "'gay marriage" law. Big battle looming.

Important rally on Tuesday at NH State House!

POSTED: Feb. 3, 2012

The fight to finally reverse the "gay marriage" law in New Hampshire is coming to a head. Bill 437 is now before the NH Legislature and will be taken up and voted on within the next several weeks.

NH passed "gay marriage" in 2010 in a sleazy manner

In 2010, the then-heavily Democratic New Hampshire legislature pushed through a "gay marriage" bill, despite the outcry from people across the state. This happened as a result of a massive and expensive lobbying effort funded by out-of-state gay activist millionaires.

See our MassResistance report "How out-of-state activists brought "gay marriage" to New Hampshire.")

But in the November elections that year the voters of New Hampshire reacted by throwing out the liberals, largely on the basis of this issue (and with lots of pro-family support). They nearly doubled the number of Republicans in the state senate and added 122 Republicans to their total in the House. Although the Democratic Governor survived the election, both branches of the Legislature are now overwhelmingly Republican.

New Hampshire's constitutional amendment process is very difficult, requiring a 2/3 vote of the Legislature just to get it started. So in January, 2011, a bill was immediately filed by Rep. David Bates (R-Windham) to overturn the "gay marriage" law. But, as MassResistance reported at the time, but the Republican leadership had cold feet and stalled it.

Below: In 2011 hundreds of "gay marriage" supporters (wearing red shirts) flooded the hearing of the repeal bill, and the Republican leadership backed down. [MassResistance photo]

Taking it back this year . . .

But this year is different. The Republican leadership has promised they will let it go through. Rep David Bates has taken up this campaign and is spearheading it. He has done incredible work. See the website

Rep. David Bates (R-Windham) is a TRUE pro-family hero. He has gone way beyond the call of duty for this issue. He deserves everyone's full support.

There are definitely the votes in both houses to pass it. But the Governor has promised to veto it, so the trick is getting the 2/3 votes to override his veto.

On paper, the votes are there to both pass it and override the Governor's veto. But the lobbying campaign, pressure, and intimidation from the homosexual lobby is gearing up. It's up to the people to keep some of the mushy Republicans from caving in to that.

And the homosexual lobby, as usual, is hitting hard with their well-used tactics. They're using the old canards about "equality" (i.e., homosexuality being equal to heterosexuality!) and "civil rights" - trying to persuade people that homosexuality is just like the Civil Rights movement. And of course, their well-rehearsed emotional stories, discrimination, etc., to portray homosexual behavior as completely safe and normal.

This year's session effectively ends around the end of March, and the schedule for actually taking up the bill is still up in the air.

Next Tuesday, Feb. 7: Propaganda day at the NH State House

Yesterday MassResistance got a call from Rep. Bates. We have been working with him on this since last year.

A website with the Orwellian name of "Standing Up for New Hampshire Families," is the public face of the homosexual lobby to fight this bill. The group is having a press conference on Tuesday at 10 am in the State House to declare that the fight is over because the sentiment is "really" on their side.

Below: This is the message that "Standing up for New Hampshire Families" has on their website. Is this our future?

Showing the Legislature the people are serious about marriage!

Pro-family people have decided to have a rally right after homoseuxal lobby's press conference, at noon right in front of the State House in Concord to show the Legislature that the citizens are very serious in their support traditional marriage and aren't taking this lightly all.

As Rep. Bates said,

"It is very important that we have a strong showing of people who want our state law to reflect the proper definition of marriage -- the union of one man and one woman. I need your help conveying the urgency of the point of decision we are at concerning marriage in New Hampshire. Many people do not recognize the ramifications of what is at stake if we lose this battle. Among other things, some of our fundamental liberties are at stake. Rights of conscience, religious liberty, and even freedom of speech become severely curtailed wherever homosexuals succeed in imposing their "values" in place of the basic, true mores society once embraced. If we do not rise to the occasion now, there may not be another chance."

Too often, when homosexual groups have press conferences and similar public events, we on the pro-family side just sit there with our hands in our pockets. But not now, say New Hampshire pro-family leaders. We'll bring you a full report!

Directions and parking info are HERE.

Rep. Bates has asked MassResistance to encourage everyone to be at the NH State House at 11:45 on Tuesday. Everyone needs get involved! (And if you can't do that, send money.) dThere's still a LOT of work to do, and volunteers are needed! Here's the website.