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Planned Parenthood handout to kids at Fistgate conference

Includes a pamphlet for kids describing abortion, voluntary sterilization, contraception.  Also graphic pamphlet on how to use a condom.

POSTED: Dec 23, 2009

Planned Parenthood seems to be at most GLSEN events, even those aimed at youth.  They're clearly trying to push their message to children as young as possible.  In recent years they've moved into transgenderism as well as their abortion, contraception, and sterilization repertoire. 


In the packet, clockwise: Explicit "How to use a condom" pamphlet and "health" pamphlet (see below), Planned Parenthood pen with phone number, condom, refrigerator magnet and business card with PP contact numbers, emergency contraception ("morning-after pill") information card.

"Planned Parenthood cares about your health"
tells kids about their services for abortion, voluntary sterilization services, contraception, and more.

"How to use a condom"
is pretty explicit . . .